Thursday, September 30, 2010


Dear Mr. Gallagher,
I, am from Malden Massachusetts. I have always lived in Malden and I only speak english. As a reader, I enjoy science - fiction books. I like to read star wars books. I dislike romance stories. As a writer, I like to write about what books I have already read. I also like persuasive writing because I think its good for me. I dislike writing open responses and essays because I get headaches every time. As a student, I dislike reading however, I do like doing marking up the texts and dialectal journals. As a friend, reading is good because it helps your vocabulary. Writing helps you improve your writting skills. As a thinker, it is good to have ideas. It is also good to have questions, comments, opinions, reactions, etc. You should have asked us to describe us as reactors and how we react. Many of us have different reactions of different things. As a reactor, I react to most books as shocked because I am suprised to find out what happens in them. Sometimes when I, am shocked its about bad things that happen to the protagonist of the story. You should have also asked us to describe us as predictors. All of us predict many outcomes to stories. I like predicting because its a challenge to see if I, am right or wrong. If my prediction to a story is correct, I know I did a good job fully understanding the story. If my prediction was wrong, I know that I need to pay attention to the story a little bit more. Star wars books have all sorts of predictions and I like that about most books. I like how there can be more than one prediction. These are my thoughts to you and what you should have asked us to describe to you. Write soon.


Patrick malone

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