Tuesday, October 19, 2010

College Essay

Patrick Malone

Ryan Gallagher

English CP


All About Me

I am always on my feet carrying a tenor drum weighing forty-two pounds. I am currently a member of the Malden High School fall marching band, winter percussion ensemble and concert band. Some days I am not even aware of the weight placed on me because I am doing something I truly love, and that is to make music and be a part of a team. Being a part of a team to me means being dedicated and committed, and I am both of these.
I was born and raised in Malden, Massachusetts to parents who were also born and raised in Malden. Since I was a young boy, I have always been involved in extracurricular activities in my city. My parents have always encouraged me to become involved in many activities until I found something that I really loved. I joined Malden's All City Tuney Tornado Band in 5th grade and started playing in the percussion section where I had my first experience on the snare drum and then the tenor drum. After two years in the Tuney Tornado's I moved on to the Malden Middle School Band and began to further my talents on the tenor drum. In the 7th grade, although I was not yet of high school age, I was allowed to join the Malden High School fall marching band. I played the tenor drums and performed at band competitions throughout the state of Massachusetts; this made me feel proud to be with older students and feel like an important part of the team.
Also during winter months I was a member of the Malden High School indoor percussion ensemble, which is an indoor marching band that also competed throughout the state. I continued to be a member of the Malden High School Marching Band until I actually entered into Malden High School in the 9th grade, finally becoming an official high school band student. At that time as well, I joined the concert band where we performed at concerts, parades, and performed at many events around the city of Malden to show our support. The other instruments I play in the concert band are the tympanis and crash symbols. The fall and winter marching band practices are three days a week. I am a dedicated and committed individual who has never missed a practice and am always on time. When I commit to something I fulfill my obligation to it, regardless of what it is that I am doing. To me, it is all worth it because I am doing something that I truly love and have a passion for. This year being my senior year in band, I was elected to be the drum line captain during the marching band season, which has been an honor for me as a leader.
Band has always been an important part of my life, I remember the great Middle School band trips such as going to Canobie Lake Park, where I had time to mingle, socialize and go on amusements rides with the rest of my band friends. Other memorable moments in band were going on several band trips to New York City, Virginia, Washingtion, D.C., and Philadelphia where we competed against other bands in the country to compete in the Music In The Parks Festival at the various Six Flags Amusement Parks. I have made many long lasting friendships over the years and I consider the band members to be an extension of my family. While still being an active member of the band and upon entering Malden High School, I joined the outdoor track team for four years. I participated in the distance team in 9th grade where I ran the mile, which is four laps around the track and I later switched to the sprint team in 10th grade where I ran the 100-meter dash and where I will remain for the rest of my high school senior year. I have been told that due to my commitment to the track team I will be chosen as one of the track team captains in the spring where I will end my senior track career as a Malden High School athlete.
Dedication and commitment has been an important quality in my family, over the years I have helped and continue to help other students with academic subjects as well as helping new drum line students learn their parts when they need it. When others need help, I try my very best to answer any questions they have whether it is a subject I have already completed or not, but may know a little about the subject. During my 8th grade year, I was selected as one of five, out of one hundred and twenty five other students for the citizenship award. I was awarded this because of my willingness to help other students in need. I will always continue to help others out wherever and whenever they need it because I know the importance of getting help from others.

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