Monday, October 4, 2010

Landscape with the fall of Icarus picture

In the picture, i see a person behind a brown horse holding a stick or a whip and the horse is pulling a cart. They are both walking on a stone and dirt path and they are walking close by the water. It looks like the person is working hard and getting help from the orse. The horse could probably be his workhorse. The people in the picture are not wearing heavy clothing, so the season could be spring, summer or fall. The clothing appears as if it could be from a few hundred years ago. They are walking by some trees and bushes and it lookss like it is getting dark outside and the must mean the sun is going down. Where the person's left foot is, it is a small stone and dirt staircase that must be manmade. There is also another person that is by the water with a herd of pigs or sheep. He has a cane or walking stick t help him get around so he must be an elderly man. Both of these people must be on one of the islands. There are also ships in the water with mast and sails and it looks like they are leaving for a journey into the sunset. The sunset looks very bright and it makes a tremendous reflection on the water. The rocks in the water look like mountains and they form outside of the sunset. On the bottom right of the picture, there is a man getting his feet wet. Or he could also be waving goodbye or hello to the ship that is coming in or leaving. Above him in the water, there is some kind of branch or sharp rock sticking out of the water. It could be and aquatic animal that comes up to the surface. On the top left of the picture, there is an island and also, there is an island on the right side of the boat on the bottom right. It looks like there is a total of three islands in the picture and they look as if they are far away from each other. The island on the upper left looks shinier thatn the other two islands and that is because of the reflection from the sun hitting the water. The island on the bottom of the picture and the island to the right of the ship on the bottom right looks a little darker than the upper left island because it is farther away from the sunset. The mountains inthe upper right corner of the picture are probably very big once up close. The mountains are small from where the people are on the bottom island. The landscape on all of the islands look high up from the water, so they will be safe if the water rises up abouve ground. The sky in the picture looks dark, cloudy, and misty which could be because of the time of day being the beginning of nighttime.

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