Monday, October 4, 2010

The story of Daedalus and Icarus DJ

Why homesick? - In jail.

Why was he exiled? - Jealously and changing the laws of nature.

Who is Minos? Minos is a king.

Jail on Island - Why?

The sky is open but it doesn't include air.

There is Personification.

Daedalus is making wings for Icarus.

Icarus did not know that he was dealing with his downfall.

Icarus is flying.

Boys do fool around.

There is foreshadowing.

Icarus is Daedalus' son.

Daedalus is telling Icarus to fly. Also, to keep a straight path.

What was done? Daedalus hovered.

Daedalus is giving Icarus directions and orders to follow. He wants Icarus to follow his lead. Flying lesson.

The wings had to go on Icarus' shoulders.

Icarus was in the air and he was flying. It wasn't really a flying lesson.

Daedalus looks back at his son's wings.

What rod? Fishing rod the fisherman drops.

Ploughshare? Front edge of a blad or plow, which cuts through soil.

Arent they angels? No, they are gods.

All these peple are watching Icarus fly.

Icarus left his father and he got lost.

Lacking oarage? Steering? Yes, lacked wings.

Did he really cry or was it the joy? Joy.

There is more personification.

Daedalus called for Icarus.

Icarus didn't listen to his father.

Icarian is a god/angel.

Icarus died? Yes, he body was buried.

There is more personification.

Did Icarus drown? Yes.

Icarus' burial? Yes.

Daedalus is buring his son.

Partridge? Birds of Europe.

Daedalus' sister sent her son to Daedalus as his apprentice? Yes.

Daedalus is going to teach the twelve year old his skills.

Noticed a row of teeth in a strip of iron. Two arms or iron together.

Traversing? To pass across, over, or through.

Daedalus was jealous of the twelve year old for inventing the compass and the saw.

Daedalus kicked his nephew off the cliff because he was jealous of him.

Why did he lie? To keep him in the air.

Who? Kind protectress? Minerva.

Remembers what? Fearful of high places? This does not describe Icarus or does it? It describes Perdix.

New bird form - Perdix.

Who? He took Daedalus in? Yes.

Are Minerva, Warrior - Maid, and Jove gods? Yes. Minerva is the temple.

Argolis is a place.

They begged Daedalus for help? Yes, they did. They got on their knees.

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